Thursday, January 19, 2006

Update on Enlighten

A new version is up.

The change is that there are three difficulty settings. The change took about 10 lines of code and a couple search/replaces which I'm happy with. :)

My original post could have done with a better discussion of what Lumines is for those who haven't played the original.

Lumines is a very cool Tetris-like game. The real game utilizes looped music clips and gameplay sounds that naturally fit in with the music, so that while playing you feel you are playing "with" the music. The goal is just to stay alive and delete blocks as quickly as possible. Blocks delete, in groups of 4, when you have dropped 4 same color blocks so that they form a square. Upon creating a square, that square is only "marked" for deletion and actually disappears when the timeline crosses over it. I haven't really captured a lot of what makes the game great because I didn't come up with music for it.

Also, I decided that I might as well put up the code I used for this. You can find it here. I developed the game using DEVCPP, a free IDE for Windows. I believe you can actually download the SDL library from within DEVCPP (as a package) and it will automagically create templates for SDL projects. I was lazy and did the whole game in one C file. You can just throw that into an SDL project and it should compile fine. See SDL for the licensing information. It contains a simple, small game engine along with some drawing routines (blitting, and other primitives, and simple string drawing).


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The download link for the source code is a dead link, do you have an alternative download site?


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